Ghosts & Haunted Places

It is interesting, when I mentioned to a couple of people that I was going to start looking at ghost stories, everyone had one of their own! Or at least knew of someone that knew someone that had once had a story.

What is it about ghosts that has us completely enthralled? We will go sit in a dark room, to watch a scary movie to scare ourselves silly, or read a book which will have us seeing shapes in the shadows and we keep coming back for more.

Everywhere in the UK you will come across a ghost, in fact not far from where I used to live there were a number of ghosts. There was the ghost of a young woman who had been spurrned by her lover, there where stories of a house in Cambridge that had been terrorised by a poltergeist, there was even supposedly the ghost of a headless chicken at a nearby pub! Own of my favorites was that of a womanising ghost that hung around studios in Cambridge.

I have many different tales that I have come across and will keep posting but be sure to let me know of yours too!

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