British Monarchy

Love’em or hate’em the one thing that you can be sure of is we have heard of them, the British Royals that is!

The ancient rulers were the Brythons – or Britain’s and now live in what is now England, Wales and Southern Scotland. Now don’t be confused, a King of Briton was not an ‘English Monarch’ as we now know, they were simply the most powerful ruler among the Britons prior to the Roman invasion and after until the arrival of the Norman’s.

There were at least twenty known kings in this ancient land, they had strong ties with Wales, in fact many held the primary power bases’ from Gwynedd, north Wales. We can still see evidence today of the strong ties with Wales our current – Prince of Wales, Prince Charles.

I have started with the Anglo – Saxon rulers, so feel free to take a look and see the people who helped shape what is now the United Kingdom.

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