Beasts & Monsters

From mankind’s earliest memory the subject of beasts and monsters have fascinated us, whether they are creatures that we have created from our most base fears or real creatures that terrify us.

Interestingly some of the first cave drawings were indeed of bizarre creatures that were hybrids of many animals that had been around humans at that time. We seem to admire the very traits that scare us witless!  I do believe that many of the monsters and beasts that we now read about, watch in movies or scare each other with blood tingling stories with, have come about from necessity. To scare children from an early age, not to leave the safety of their villages, to stop young boys from late night adventures in woods where very real dangers lurked.

Could stories of the Loch Ness Monster may have come about to stop people from venturing too far into the cold waters of the Loch and perishing. Stories of werewolves and may have come from wanting to stop adventurous adolescents from exploring too far from home. Other monster however may have some truth to them…

Imagine you are in the middle ages and you come across bones that are far too big to have been from any living creature you had ever seen before, with teeth that were as big as your hand in some cases. Your mind would wildly run away with thoughts and terrified dreams of monsters, did our ancestors look at dinosaur bones and see dragons? We know in many cases that this is exactly what happened.

What about an earthquake? If you didn’t know how they were created, could you possibly see visions of giants walking around the countryside? Within English mythology there are hundreds of myths, legends and stories that even today people swear are true.

I have tried to gather some of the most incredible or fascinating for you to take a look at, but as I have mentioned before – let me know if you have stories too!

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